Looking for a Good Cup of Coffee?

Looking for an Old-Fashioned, Mom-and-Pop-Type Coffee House?  Where the food is made with the freshest ingredients and not shipped in from God-knows-where?  You may have found it!  Nestled in the small town of Camino, the Apple Blossom Coffee House is frequented by local Apple Hill™ Growers.  In fact, we buy much of our fruit from these very farmers.  You’ll find our scones and empanadas are filled with seasonal local, fruit–like strawberries and rhubarb in the spring, blueberries in June, peaches and nectarines in August, apples in the fall……! Farm to Fork!

Where your BEST DAYS begin!

Our specialties:  Frappes known around here as “Caminoccinos”, Espresso, Cappuccinos and  Lattes  (upon request, served with almond, soy or rice milk for only 50 cents more) and much more for every type of coffee lover!  Making a trip to the Apple Hill Farms? Why not stop for breakfast:  Egg, Bacon, and Swiss Cheese Empanadas!  Or a frittata, scone, muffin.  Available WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.

Looking for lunch?  Enjoy soups and bread made from scratch.  And, of course, our very popular bagel sandwiches.

Come Visit us Soon–Where your BEST DAYS begin!




  1. petehilton says:

    One of my favorite places to meet friends or just hang out to read the paper or use wi-fi. Bagels, croissants, and Great tacos and salads. The BEST!

  2. Jon Esparza says:

    This is Jon Esparza, I’ve been to your place several times with Greg Dodge. One of those times, were fortunate to view the video of Apple Hill. Wow, it was fantastic, I hope you have them is stock. I will be there this weekend, and would like 5 of them. This DVD will make great stocking stuffer for the upcoming holiday season.

    Thank You.

    Jon Esparza



  3. Pamela stapleton says:

    Your in for a treat, if you pop in for a bite to eat. The peanut butter and jelly will surely fill your belly. The help is grand and you feel quite in demand.
    Thank you staff at Apple Blossom Coffee House. Camino is on the map because of business’s like yours. Proprietors that care about their products and the people that use them.

  4. Karen M says:

    Love, love their coffee; that’s the main reason I go there, but my husband who also loves the coffee usually gets a sweet, taco or lunch menu. It’s just a nice little place to hang out and get something on the run.

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